Outsourced Public Courier Services


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much can I earn with eCouriers?
Answer: Since we pay you the bulk of the profit for each parcel, your earnings could help towards traveling expenses, cover most or ALL your traveling expenses or even turn a healthy profit per trip. You get paid between 60% – 80% of the delivery charge per parcel, which could result in generating substantial amounts of revenue. The more you travel, the more you earn and you could even end up traveling exclusively for the purpose of delivering parcels which could result in becoming financially independent and your own boss

Question: What’s the criteria required to apply for an eCourier membership?
Answer: A complete membership registration/application. Other criteria include; vehicle’s condition, vehicle’s age (not more than 10 years old), Valid driver’s license (older than 1 year), verifiable contact details, home address, next of kin, work address and 1 or more personal reference(s)

Question: Can my application to become an eCourier member be rejected?
Answer: Yes, unfortunately we have to register you first and should any information provided proved to be false, misleading or incomplete, your application might be rejected

Question: How long does it take to get my membership approved?
Answer: We strive to complete the process within 48 hours but it could take a little longer depending on the information we received from you

Question: Am I area-bound to transport parcels?
Answer: No. You are allowed to transport parcels to wherever you travel in South Africa

Question: What happens when I am involved in an accident while transporting parcels?
Answer: We make use of a reputable Insurance Company that insures all parcels should anything happen to it out of the ordinary

Question: Am I obligated to declare any earnings to SARS?
Answer: Yes, you are, but fortunately if you have to pay a little more income tax, it indicates that you’ve earned money you wouldn’t of had in the 1st place

Question: Is my membership renewed automatically every 12 months?
Answer: No. We have to verify your membership annually, but existing members normally have no problem to renew their membership

Question: What happens if I transport illegal goods unknowingly?
Answer: As a registered eCourier, all parcels are sealed before it’s handed over to you, so you will not be held liable should the goods be illegal. The sender of the package is responsible for the content thereof

Question: Why do I only receive a certain % of the rate paid?
Answer: We handle all the legalities, admin, software and therefore retain about 20% of the rate

Question: Do I get paid by the sender or by eCouriers?
Answer: No, when you pick up the parcel, it will have been paid for already and you get paid by eCouriers every 2 weeks for all completed deliveries

Question: Will I receive any refunds for fuel, wear & tear or break-downs on my trips while delivering parcels?
Answer: No, you get paid 60% – 80% of the delivery charge paid per parcel. Any other expenses incurred by you are for your own account. You earn revenue ONLY for each parcel delivered successfully

Question: How reliable is receiving payments due to me?
Answer: Since you are delivering the parcels, we ensure your payments are regular and most importantly on time. Without your services, we have no business which effectively means you are the most important link to ensure eCouriers remains successful

Question: Can my membership be canceled/terminated?
Answer: Approved memberships are valid for 12 months, but any membership could and would be terminated immediately should eCouriers become aware of any illegal activities, dishonesty, diminished reliability or any other reason(s) contributing to the deterioration of eCouriers’ credibility, good name, client’s safety or business in general

Question: If my membership is terminated, what about the revenue I’ve earned that’s still outstanding?
Answer: Any outstanding revenue due to you will still be paid. In the unlikely event where gross dishonesty and/or illegal activities were involved payment may be delayed or forfeited depending on the reason(s) for termination or when eCouriers suffered financial losses as a result

Question: Will I be able to apply again if my membership was terminated by eCouriers?
Answer: No, unfortunately in the event of membership termination, you will not be able to apply for eCouriers membership again. We apply only the strictest and highest standards with membership approvals . Once our trust and high standards are compromised in any way, a terminated membership cannot be reinstated