Outsourced Public Courier Services

About Us

How does it work?

eCouriers make use of customized Internet software and a Mobile App by matching registered eCourier travelers with parcels to be delivered almost everywhere on a daily basis.
By involving a network of delivery and pick-up stations, transporting parcels as an eCourier is basically effortless.
With innovative developed software and excellent managing and monitoring systems in place, quick and secure pick-up and delivery of parcels are ensured.

Delivery and pick-up stations include fuel stations, malls, any many other designated points.
Registered eCouriers traveling with parcels to be delivered, will make use of the designated delivery and pick-up stations in every town or city.
Parcels are tracked in real time and view-able via our web-interface and mobile APP

The eCourier
All eCouriers are registered and approved by head office for security purposes.
Registered eCouriers (Travelers) simply log into eCouriers‘ software via Internet or Mobile App and check for possible parcels, or even by simply sending a SMS if Internet is not accessible.

The eCourier receives money for every parcel delivered whilst traveling.
Income possibilities are infinite since eCouriers are paid per parcel and not per trip.

Executive Directors
Derek Botes     (060 773 0246)
Johan Marais  (082 450 0086)