Outsourced Public Courier Services

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
By tendering courier services to eCouriers SA (Pty) Ltd – hereinafter-called EC, the registered eCourier, hereinafter-called RC, agrees to the terms and conditions stated herein.

The RC agrees not to attempt to open, tamper or ill handle any parcel received through EC for transporting. The parcel will be delivered in the same sealed condition as the time it was received. It is a criminal offence to open or tamper with any parcel received from EC for transporting and offenders will be prosecuted. This will cause permanent banning from the EC system, and loss of potential and current monies to be paid to the RC. This excludes the event of an accident or any situation outside the control of the RC. In the event of this happening the responsibility remains with the RC to prove the situation. The RC agrees to transport the goods within the time and date provided to EC.

The RC certifies that all information provided to EC is accurate and complete. The RC agrees to indemnify and hold EC harmless for any claim, liability or expense arising from the RC’s failure to comply with any applicable law or regulation.
The RC hereby appoints EC as a broker for the purpose of matching parcels and utilizes the services of a RC for transporting goods.

EC has the right to verify any information given by the RC and to refuse or accept any application submitted to EC. Accepting or refusal of any application remains the sole discretion of EC.

EC shall have a lien on any remuneration due to a RC for goods transported and may refuse to transfer any monies should the RC not comply with the terms and conditions.

The RC will receive an agreed amount, which constitutes a percentage of no less than 25% for the transportation of parcels, and will be paid after conclusion of the transaction. Initially any monies due to the RC will be via direct bank transfer on a monthly basis from EC head office.

An IT3 form in terms of SA taxation laws will be issued on a financial year-end, and the RC will be liable for taxation by the SARS as an additional income.

EC will ensure that parcels needing transportation, will be relayed to registered ecouriers via Internet, cellphone or telephonically. Although all efforts will be made to utilize all RC’s, no claim whatsoever can be made against EC should any RC not be utilized while subscribed.

In the event of an RC being notified of parcels available for delivery, the RC indemnifies EC against any claim resulting in non-compliance in terms of notified parcels to be sent. Under no circumstances will subscription fees will be refundable.

There are two types of registration possibilities as an e-courier (RC). Permanent Courier and Casual Courier. In the event of an RC potentially transporting parcels more than once a week, registration will be as a Permanent Courier. All other criteria will register as Casual Couriers. Registration fees for a Permanent Courier will be R175.00 plus VAT (R199.50) per annum. Registration fees for a Casual Courier will be R 85.00 plus VAT (R96.90) per annum. All registered couriers have to register on a annual basis to remain active.

An RC will not be required to carry any IATA restricted articles or any article which by its value or characteristics are considered by EC as being not acceptable for transportation for safety or legal reasons.

Where EC has agreed to bill the consignee for the cost of the shipment EC reserves the right to refuse payment to an RC until all transportation and other charges have been paid. If the consignee refuses to pay, the RC will have no claim against EC for any costs incurred.

At the request of the shipper and upon payment thereof, EC will arrange insurance on behalf of the shipper.

  • The insurance coverage shall be governed by all of the terms and conditions contained in the policy of insurance issued by the insurance carrier.
  • The RC will be liable for all costs arising from any parcel being opened or tampered with while in possession thereof.
  • The responsibility assigned to a specific RC cannot under any circumstances be transferred to any other party and remains with the assigned RC until such time of the transaction being concluded.