Outsourced Public Courier Services

Get Paid to Travel

To Work - On Holiday - To Family & friends. Earn between 50% – 80% of each parcel’s delivery charge by simply adding parcels to your luggage. Redeem most or all of your traveling costs. You'll most likely even turn a healthy profit from your trip(s) by simply adding some parcels to your luggage?

Save up to 60% and more!

Pay less than anywhere else since eCouriers utilizes Registered eCouriers (Travelers) to transport packages. We guarantee it's 100% safe, reliable and delivered within the shortest delivery period

eCourier (Traveler) Registration

Acceptance to become an authorized Registered eCourier (Traveler) is not guaranteed and we retain the right to decline or reject any application to ensure and maintain reliable, credible, safe and superior services to our clients

Parcel Tracking

Parcels and travelers are tracked and monitored via GPS in real time and view-able by our clients and travelers via our web-interface or mobile APP. Clients & travelers also have instant contacting functionalities to enable monitoring of the progress of parcel deliveries